Monday, November 14, 2005

Brian Wood's DMZ

I grew up watching Escape from New York and continue to watch it pretty much bi-monthly. I can't explain what it is but DMZ gives you that rushed, urgent sense that Escape does. Like the World is waiting for the hero to come along and save the world, but then the hero doesn't really give two craps about the world to begin with and just wants to live. That's how the people in DMZ are. They just want the war to end and the world to leave them alone in New York. The artwork is incredible. It is right up there with Eduardo Rizzo's work on 100 Bullets (also another kick ass title from Vertigo). What I do like about both these titles is that there are no tights wearing superheroes out to save the day. They don't exist, they never did, and they won't ever exist in these stories, like the world we live in.
DMZ is one title I'm gonna continue to pick up.

Finder: Sin-Eater book I

So I was shopping for Christmas gifts early and what do I find at the local comic shop? Ms. Speed Mcneil's fantastic book Finder. I bought the first chapter and picked up #38. May as well have got it since it won't see print until she collects the series, and who knows when that will be. So I didn't read it until yesterday. Sunday's are always good laundry days and good times for reading stuff. So I began the trek with Mr. Jaeger Ayers. From the interior pages I could tell that this book was so different. And the information Ms. Mcneil has put into the book is incredible. I couldn't believe how many different resources she used. How the technology used to create the domes that people live in was lost. It really is GREAT Sci-Fi. I can't explain it any other way. And I'm still not halfway through the graphic novel yet. So if you all out there, wherever you are, pick it up at your local comic store and if they don't carry it, buy it from Ms. Mcneil herself. Trust me, it's totally worth your money. It made me want to sit and draw and write again, which I haven't done in such a long time.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Carla Speed Mcneil

Of all the pieces of comic literature I've been reading FINDER by Carla Speed Mcneil is the most interesting. I barely heard about it a month ago, yet now I'm desperately trying to find any comic shop that carries the Graphic Novels, and to my dismay, none do. I'm going to just buy them from the website:

I especially like the fact that on Tuesdays and Fridays I get to read pages online for free. also has some really good reviews on this Sci-fi series. I was intrigued with the idea that one of the characters, Jaeger, is a Sin-Eater and part of secret society to boot. I also like the fact that he is an aboriginal detective and that Ms. Mcneil's stories go deeper than most of the mainstream-men-in-tights-stories that are out there.

Infinite Crisis

Well, it has arrived and I'm trying to get my brother to read it and understand the multiple earth theory that was used as the basis for it. He doesn't buy into it though.

Timing Stinks

Taking the CSET is literally like getting mind raped. If you have not taken it and you're gonna be a teacher, trust me, you'll know exactly what I mean.