Thursday, December 29, 2005

Waiting for the Nano

Yes. I will soon have my wonderful ipod Nano. Soon podcasts will be filling my head with their inane wonderfullness. Now, just to wait until it arrives will be the hard part.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When No One is Looking

I like posting stuff when I can. I like posting stuff even more when I'm the only schmuck still at work. Yes, all of my supervisors are gone for the day. It's only 2:18pm and no one is in the main office but me. It really does suck especially since I could be home by now, making dinner getting ready to see White Christmas at the Pantages with my girlfriend. But alas, here I am, stuck in the main office of the DEM on a wednesday afternoon. Thank God I get free breakfast tomorrow morning at the Health Sciences campus.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Almost Home Free!

Well, its thursday and like most people I'm anxiously awaiting the weekend. Unlike last week though, this week is filled to the brim with stuff to do. I hope I don't tire out before it all gets done.
On a side note,
I checked out a book on Aubry Beardsley and have been fascinated by his life and choices and how he did not necessarily want to become an artist. Interesting...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An interesting tidbit

I found this and thought it was interesting, considering Roland Deschains gun grips are made of sandalwood.
Sandalwood scent is believed to transform one's desires and maintain a person's alertness while in meditation.
Which he was during his trip in the Mohaine desert while chasing the Man in Black.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Story Time

I never thought I'd do it until I had kids, but I wound up putting my girlfriend to sleep with a story. Not one I'd heard or told to me, but one I've been working on for years. It just so happened that last night I started putting down the History behind the story so I wouldn't have to check three different notebooks and countless floppy disks(does anyone still use these now that we have Flashdrives?) and decided to put the entire history into one single book I had bought. It's an intricately detailed book that has a magnetic clasp. I bought it when I first started working and filled it with ideas for a thesis once I get into a doctorate program, but I also used some of the connections between the Dark Tower, the Lord of the Rings, Lost, Dawn, and the Matrix and Star Wars series to start up this blog. That was over a year ago that I first wrote in it and haven't actually been on this blog for a whole lotta time. But, I figured I would eventually have to sit and write it all down before characters names changed for the fifteenth time. So I set it in stone and was swept into the desert of the world I created one stormy night in East L. A. with my little brother. I kinda wrote it for him so that he could start writing his own story. Alas, he's only written about fourteen pages of a scifi story I'm editing for him, but he'll get to his story in time.
So I was in bed and ready to sleep when my girlfriend tells me she can't sleep. And then she asks if I'll talk to her till she falls asleep, so I say sure no problem and then ask her what she wants to talk about. So she tells me she wants to hear about the story. So, for the first time, since my brother and I sat and created this world, I told someone else the story. And voila, she fell asleep. Hearing the story to me was interesting, because other than when my brother asks what's going on in the world, no one else has ever heard the story. I didn't tell her how detailed it is, just gave her a broad sense of the scope of the story. Of course I left out the part about the aliens that land on the planet, since she's really scared of any type of alien story, had to practically drug her up to see War of the Worlds. But, she saw it, but I wanted her to go to sleep, so I omitted that part.
Maybe some night I'll tell her, maybe when its cold and dark and rainy.

Fairy Tales

Sitting with my brother over the Thanksgiving weekend was interesting. I mean, we played God of War for the majority of the time, but we also bonded while playing. We used to do that all the time when we were kids. One of us would play while the other navigated or thought up some way to pass the level we were in to get ahead. God of War is one of the few games we agreed we liked and we also liked being able to take turns playing the thing. One thing that interested both my brother and my dad was how the game's characters were simply taken out of the myths of the Greeks and haphazardly played with. Gorgons abound as do weird lizard creatures and the dead warriors of Ares, the God of War, who, I have to admit, is pretty damn impressive when you first see him from afar. He's what a god should have been movies and cartoons, towering over the puny humans and crushing them under his heels. I also like the fact that he destroys a bunch of people by scooping them up and hurtling them at the city's walls.
What I wound up doing was giving my brother and my dad a myth lesson that spilt over into the fairy tales we grew up with. I even showed both of them a book called the Green Book of Fairytales my girlfriend happened to pick up at a Border's for like three bucks. Then began the whole conversation about the fairytales in the Dark Tower, especially since my dad finally finished book 7.
To my amazement he actually liked the final book. He thought the 'happy ending' was okay, but he liked the Real Ending even better. He said that it seemed right and it should have ended that way. I was surprised my dad actually said that. I thought he would have loved the 'happy' one and hated the real one, but he didn't.