Monday, November 14, 2005

Brian Wood's DMZ

I grew up watching Escape from New York and continue to watch it pretty much bi-monthly. I can't explain what it is but DMZ gives you that rushed, urgent sense that Escape does. Like the World is waiting for the hero to come along and save the world, but then the hero doesn't really give two craps about the world to begin with and just wants to live. That's how the people in DMZ are. They just want the war to end and the world to leave them alone in New York. The artwork is incredible. It is right up there with Eduardo Rizzo's work on 100 Bullets (also another kick ass title from Vertigo). What I do like about both these titles is that there are no tights wearing superheroes out to save the day. They don't exist, they never did, and they won't ever exist in these stories, like the world we live in.
DMZ is one title I'm gonna continue to pick up.


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