Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Onward!: Chapter 2 - Part 7

Macon landed the small vehicle and popped the restraint harnesses release button on the center of his chest. Three Operators walked up to Macon and Deacon. They were wearing the Mark 9 full body armor suits. They were sleek, a deep navy blue that almost looked purple, and armed with wrist guns. Each suit was outfitted with two types of ammunition, armor piercing rounds and the Hellfire Rounds used to bring down large star ships. The tallest of the three Operators came up to the two men and took his helmet off.
Macon, Deacon, we're glad you're here. It seems that the MTF lost two of the most notorious multiverse criminals ever," the Operator said.
"Evoy De Groot and Kyuzo Gyllipus, right?" said Macon. He clamped his helmet to the hip of his suit.
"Yes sir," the Operator answered. "Handler Graves is waiting inside sir, he wanted to talk to you both once you arrived," said the Operator.
"Let's not keep the man waiting then," Macon said. He walked into the station and followed the three Operators down the steps to the Metro RedLine Rail.
Handler Graves was a large man with a head of white hair he kept almost completely bald. There were scars on his left cheek and a scar that ran down his right eyebrow into a curve to meet with his lip. When the light hit him at an odd angle it looked as if he had a large C-shape on his face. Every Operator was afraid of him except two, Macon Dean and Deacon Smith. They were his best students and now two of the best Operators the company had, especially after Deacon's heroic exploits in the Drighton Spaceport.
"Where have the two of you been? Gyllipus and De Groot have been time hopping for over three days and we finally got a tip from Jonathan Daizen at the Multiverse Task Force that they were coming here armed to the teeth and ready to wage war for one man," Graves said.
"What one man could they possibly want?" Deacon said. He looked at Graves then at Macon.
"Jeremy Crane," was all Macon said.

Previously on Onward!...
Deacon and Macon moved into the armory and found two suits of body armor. These were the standard Operator suits instead of the bulky full-body suit that Deacon had worn in the Drighton Spaceport debacle. Macon keyed the lock on a circular door that opened into a room with two white circles painted on the steel floor. Macon stood on one circle and Deacon on the other.
"Bay 12," Macon said.
They were standing in the hangar of the precinct with a small patrol speeder. The driver's seat was on the left hand side of the vehicle while the passenger's seat held an autocannon directly in front of the passenger's side. Deacon shook his head. Macon looked at him before buckling himself into the speeder.
"You okay? You look pale," Macon said.
"I'll be okay. Just a bit light headed is all. Still have a concussion from that Neekreshi warrior two days ago," said Smith. He strapped himself in and keyed the autocannon on.
"You'll be okay once we start the fighting," said Macon.
"There's gonna be fighting?" said Deacon.
The speeder was out of the landing and shooting over the City. They left the 7th Operator Precinct and flew over the sprawling metropolis that had once been Los Angeles. The ancient Metro Tower still stood overlooking the East Portal of Union Station but the City had built upwards and the building was now standing in the shadows of structures five times its height. Geodesic domes, tiered and cylindrical habitats were now surrounding the old tower. And air traffic was almost as bad as ground traffic. Macon swerved to avoid a waste removal carrier and dove below the heavy lines of speeders and hover cars that were trying to get back to the heart of DownTown. Macon began landing the speeder on the Patsaouras Plaza where several other Operator vehicles were already waiting.


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