Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Onward!: Chapter 2 - Part 5

Dwight sat back in the chair and rubbed his face with his hands. He didn't know what else to do once he shut off the live-feed. The small black orb sat on the table; its interior also black like its sleek exterior.
"So that was it huh? The whole reason for the spaceport attack?" Dwight said.
Deacon Smith nodded his head. He had been sitting in the corner watching the vid-feed again with his arms folded. He unfolded his arms and moved slowly towards Dwight's chair.
"You can go now Dwight. You just sent a judge where he needs to be," Smith said. He smiled, slapped Dwight on the shoulder and moved out of the conference room.
Dwight Anders was alone with the disc. He looked at its metallic surface and then picked it up and shoved it into his pocket. He grabbed the orb and placed that in his interior jacket pocket of the black linen suit he wore. Macon Dean walked towards him and held out his hand.
Dwight reached into his pocket and gave him the disc.
"Smith left it in there. You can't let that thing out of here. Not now, anyway. The feed was live and..."
"And you finally did something for the good of the people you're always saying you need to protect," Macon said. His one eye locked onto Dwight's face.
"Then why do I feel crappy?" said Dwight. He patted Macon on the shoulder and brushed passed him towards the elevator.
"You did what needed to be done Dwight, there's no shame in that," Macon yelled as the doors closed behind Dwight.
Smith came up behind Macon and sighed. Macon didn't turn around.
"You think he'll be okay?" Smith said.
"He's seen worse, hell, he's been through worse, I should know," Macon said.
"What do you mean?" said Smith. He scratched his head.
"How the hell do you think I got this, boy?" said Macon. He softly patted the heavy black eyepatch.
"Funny, always thought you got that during the Sterling Riots," Smith said.
"No, mine was done way longer than that. I know you got your fancy eyes from that event though, didn't you?" said Macon. He laughed.
"Yeah, earned them, I guess you could say," Smith said.
Both men laughed for some time. Then the Emergency Feed came on.
"All Operators to Union Station. Repeat, all Operators to Union Station. Code 13. Repeat, Code 13," the female voice said.
"Code 13?" said Smith. He ran down the hall towards the Armory with Macon beside him.
"Yeah, Code 13 is the worst. It's an attack from another universe.
"Okay. It's a what?" Smith said.

Previously on Onward!...
"The camera date reads 2/7/5049 at the bottom right hand corner of the feed. There are a group of rebels entering, some are Rastas, others are Mexican and Japanese. A few High Ends are with the group wearing the latest UpTown trends. Their eyes are bloodshot from stims. The leader of the group steps towards the massive steel table in the center of the factory and he jumps on top of it. The sound cuts in and everyone is yelling and hollering his name.
"Mabata Nokiri," the crowd yells. They are growing restless and he knows it. He lifts his massive arms and prepares to speak. Several red dots fill the man's chest area. He opens his mouth, unaware of the laserpoints. His chest is blown apart by the gunfire of the CPD force that enters the factory, guns blazing. Men, women and children are gunned down. The leader slumps to his knees, still on the table when a Judgment Suit enters the screen. Marshal Amon towers over the leader. He gushes something but all that comes out is his blood, it spills on the Marshal's boots and Amon slams his powered fist into the remains of the man's face. The camera operator screams and starts to run with the camera. The last of the images is of Marshal Amon raising his Ragnarok Cannon at the camera and firing. The screen is now filled with snow. But the audio track is still rolling.
"Captain Roark, is everyone accounted for?"
"Yes Marshal Amon, all four hundred have been judged and found guilty of unlawful gathering in order to leave offworld without proper documentation."
"Good, call in the clean up crew, and I want it heat signature free as well, we don't want any Psi-Investigators poking their noses around here either."
"Yes Marshal Amon, right away."
"You, stop, in the name of the law, stop or I will shoot," is what an officer was screaming. He fires and misses because more men are yelling and firing. The camera comes back on outside the factory. There are three rebels in a low transporter motioning for the person holding the camera to hurry.
The camera moves to see the CPD firing on them and Marshal Amon standing above the officers. He says something to the captain and lifts him up. He holds him by the neck and then slams the man down into the concrete. Liquified human is what covers Marshal Amon's Judment Suit. The camera shuts off.


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