Friday, February 02, 2007

Onward!: Chapter 2 - Part 4

"The camera date reads 2/7/5049 at the bottom right hand corner of the feed. There are a group of rebels entering, some are Rastas, others are Mexican and Japanese. A few High Ends are with the group wearing the latest UpTown trends. Their eyes are bloodshot from stims. The leader of the group steps towards the massive steel table in the center of the factory and he jumps on top of it. The sound cuts in and everyone is yelling and hollering his name.
"Mabata Nokiri," the crowd yells. They are growing restless and he knows it. He lifts his massive arms and prepares to speak. Several red dots fill the man's chest area. He opens his mouth, unaware of the laserpoints. His chest is blown apart by the gunfire of the CPD force that enters the factory, guns blazing. Men, women and children are gunned down. The leader slumps to his knees, still on the table when a Judgment Suit enters the screen. Marshal Amon towers over the leader. He gushes something but all that comes out is his blood, it spills on the Marshal's boots and Amon slams his powered fist into the remains of the man's face. The camera operator screams and starts to run with the camera. The last of the images is of Marshal Amon raising his Ragnarok Cannon at the camera and firing. The screen is now filled with snow. But the audio track is still rolling.
"Captain Roark, is everyone accounted for?"
"Yes Marshal Amon, all four hundred have been judged and found guilty of unlawful gathering in order to leave offworld without proper documentation."
"Good, call in the clean up crew, and I want it heat signature free as well, we don't want any Psi-Investigators poking their noses around here either."
"Yes Marshal Amon, right away."
"You, stop, in the name of the law, stop or I will shoot," is what an officer was screaming. He fires and misses because more men are yelling and firing. The camera comes back on outside the factory. There are three rebels in a low transporter motioning for the person holding the camera to hurry.
The camera moves to see the CPD firing on them and Marshal Amon standing above the officers. He says something to the captain and lifts him up. He holds him by the neck and then slams the man down into the concrete. Liquified human is what covers Marshal Amon's Judment Suit. The camera shuts off.

Previously on Onward!...
Deacon Smith looked at the glass table that sat between Dwight Anders and himself. He scratched his chin with the inside of his palm.
"We have to disc. And you'll get to see it real soon, on one condition," Smith said.
"And that condition would be?" Dwight said. The smoke from his nostrils swirled upward towards the vents in the ceiling.
"Turn off the recorder first," said Smith.
"Can't do that, live-feed to the masses Deacon," said Dwight. He tapped his cigarette out onto similar metal ashtray.
"Do it or you can't see the disc," said Smith.
Dwight sighed and pressed the sphere's sides. It hovered but the crimson light in its belly died out slowly.
"There, now hurry up, we're losing money on this Deacon," said Dwight.
"No, we're not losing money, you and your company are. Now here's the condition. You get to see the disc and all its contents from beginning to end. But you have to report everything you see, exactly as you see it happening," said Smith. He sat back in his chair and relaxed.
"That's the condition? That's easy," said Dwight. He quickly pressed the orb again.
"Okay, I accept the condition. Just so you know folks, I'll be viewing the disc and reporting to you exactly what I'll be seeing," said Dwight.
"Screen, load disc D.S.2049-1. Full volume array," said Smith.
A vid-screen lowered itself from the ceiling and swiveled towards Dwight.
"Start disc," Smith said.
Dwight spoke as he watched the events of the DungJillie Factory feeds unravel before his eyes.


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