Friday, February 02, 2007

Level 13

Both Emory and Janine entered the elevator at the end of the hall. They laughed as they entered, they laughed as the door closed and they even laughed as they hit the button marked13, for laughs. They laughed as the humming of the lift's magnetic drive dropped them ten floors fast. But they stopped laughing when the doors of Level 13 opened to reveal eight armed guards wearing full tactical body armor. Janine and Emory put their hands up and walked out of the elevator slowly.
"So I guess this isn't where we're supposed to be?" Emory said.
"I don't think this is such a good time to joke Emory," said Janine.
"What are you two doing here," clicked the closest guard. He aimed his rifle at Janine's face.
"We were sent down here by Director Daizen, he told us to come down to Level 13, but he didn't say why," Emory said.
"Turn around slowly," said the guard again. His vox unit clicked off each time he finished speaking.
"Hicks, check their RFIDs, make sure the Director sent them," said the guard.
"They check out sir, Director Daizen cleared them himself. You two are good to go. Welcome to Level 13, Agents Roberts and Mendoza."
The metallic doors slid into the walls with a hydraulic hiss. There were two frosted glass doors that opened automatically for Agents in the MTF. Emory and Janine walked inside and were instantly assaulted by several men in white lab coats...


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