Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Onward!: Chapter 2 - Part 6

Deacon and Macon moved into the armory and found two suits of body armor. These were the standard Operator suits instead of the bulky full-body suit that Deacon had worn in the Drighton Spaceport debacle. Macon keyed the lock on a circular door that opened into a room with two white circles painted on the steel floor. Macon stood on one circle and Deacon on the other.
"Bay 12," Macon said.
They were standing in the hangar of the precinct with a small patrol speeder. The driver's seat was on the left hand side of the vehicle while the passenger's seat held an autocannon directly in front of the passenger's side. Deacon shook his head. Macon looked at him before buckling himself into the speeder.
"You okay? You look pale," Macon said.
"I'll be okay. Just a bit light headed is all. Still have a concussion from that Neekreshi warrior two days ago," said Smith. He strapped himself in and keyed the autocannon on.
"You'll be okay once we start the fighting," said Macon.
"There's gonna be fighting?" said Deacon.
The speeder was out of the landing and shooting over the City. They left the 7th Operator Precinct and flew over the sprawling metropolis that had once been Los Angeles. The ancient Metro Tower still stood overlooking the East Portal of Union Station but the City had built upwards and the building was now standing in the shadows of structures five times its height. Geodesic domes, tiered and cylindrical habitats were now surrounding the old tower. And air traffic was almost as bad as ground traffic. Macon swerved to avoid a waste removal carrier and dove below the heavy lines of speeders and hover cars that were trying to get back to the heart of DownTown. Macon began landing the speeder on the Patsaouras Plaza where several other Operator vehicles were already waiting.

Previously on Onward!...
Dwight sat back in the chair and rubbed his face with his hands. He didn't know what else to do once he shut off the live-feed. The small black orb sat on the table; its interior also black like its sleek exterior.
"So that was it huh? The whole reason for the spaceport attack?" Dwight said.
Deacon Smith nodded his head. He had been sitting in the corner watching the vid-feed again with his arms folded. He unfolded his arms and moved slowly towards Dwight's chair.
"You can go now Dwight. You just sent a judge where he needs to be," Smith said. He smiled, slapped Dwight on the shoulder and moved out of the conference room.
Dwight Anders was alone with the disc. He looked at its metallic surface and then picked it up and shoved it into his pocket. He grabbed the orb and placed that in his interior jacket pocket of the black linen suit he wore. Macon Dean walked towards him and held out his hand.
Dwight reached into his pocket and gave him the disc.
"Smith left it in there. You can't let that thing out of here. Not now, anyway. The feed was live and..."
"And you finally did something for the good of the people you're always saying you need to protect," Macon said. His one eye locked onto Dwight's face.
"Then why do I feel crappy?" said Dwight. He patted Macon on the shoulder and brushed passed him towards the elevator.
"You did what needed to be done Dwight, there's no shame in that," Macon yelled as the doors closed behind Dwight.
Smith came up behind Macon and sighed. Macon didn't turn around.
"You think he'll be okay?" Smith said.
"He's seen worse, hell, he's been through worse, I should know," Macon said.
"What do you mean?" said Smith. He scratched his head.
"How the hell do you think I got this, boy?" said Macon. He softly patted the heavy black eyepatch.
"Funny, always thought you got that during the Sterling Riots," Smith said.
"No, mine was done way longer than that. I know you got your fancy eyes from that event though, didn't you?" said Macon. He laughed.
"Yeah, earned them, I guess you could say," Smith said.
Both men laughed for some time. Then the Emergency Feed came on.
"All Operators to Union Station. Repeat, all Operators to Union Station. Code 13. Repeat, Code 13," the female voice said.
"Code 13?" said Smith. He ran down the hall towards the Armory with Macon beside him.
"Yeah, Code 13 is the worst. It's an attack from another universe.
"Okay. It's a what?" Smith said.


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