Monday, January 22, 2007

Onward!: Pt. 8

The vid-screen was turned off by Smith. Both Larissa and Drake turned and looked at the battered Operator lying in his bed.
"They had to send in the three best judges the City had to stop this, Drake? Smith said.
"Looks like they did Deacon. And you know how this'll pan out. Rebels had a terrorist in their midst that went rogue and started firing on the Marshals, Marshals will go in with Extreme Prejudice. They are the law and they've got more firepower in their Judgment suits then an entire precinct of Operators do," Drake said.
"We were told to make sure you are okay and that you don't get any ideas in your thick skull to move toward the Drighton Spaceport. Plus, you've got no armor on you and that would be foolish to run into the combat zone with no protection," Larissa said.
"The rebels don't have any armor, and they seem to be doing a helluva lot better than our Operators down there are doing. No armor Larissa. They might as well be standing there naked. Yet we can't get close enough to them?" said Smith.
"I think they've got some kind of EMP that shorts out the armor's abilities and that's why we've been getting shot up out there.
"No, not an EMP, worse, A nano-fence around the perimeter that will take out the armor's abilities," said a man entering the room.
Drake and Larissa stood up and saluted the giant of a man. He saluted back. He smiled at Smith and walked over to him.
"You've dealt with this before haven't you Smith? Hmph, looks like I was wrong all those years ago. How close are you to being able to move?" the man said.
"Give me some regular body armor and I can get in there Macon. You know I can. And then the Marshals won't have to leave that place like a slaughterhouse," Smith said.
"Gwen and Drake, you are now his back up. Get him to the nearest precinct that carries Mark 1 body armor. Then get your asses down to the spaceport," Macon said. He smiled at Smith with his one good eye.
"Glad to see you still wear the eye patch Macon, and that you didn't get all hi-tech on me," Smith said. He laughed and hobbled out of bed...

Previously on Onward!...
"This is Eve Newstead here at the Drighton Spaceport on the south end of the City where rebels are holding their own against a large force of Operators. The Company has sent in anti-grav tanks, land-speeders and Exo-squads to try and bring the rebels to justice. On hand are also several well known Marshals like Marshal Amon, Marshal Ashtree, and Marshal Raihu. All are wearing their Judgment Suits, though we spoke to Marshal Ashtree, the eldest of these judges and he said, and I quote, "We are looking for ways in which to avoid our entrance into this debacle. If we have to move in though, the rest of the Marshals and myself are not above using force." So there you have it folks, straight from a Marshals mouth, this is Eve Newstead for the Newspeak Gazette, live on the streets," said the reporter.


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of course he didnt go hi-tech. why? cuz Macon's a badass. haha. so is Smith going in or what!?!?!?

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