Sunday, January 14, 2007

Onward! Pt. 3

The lights of the LAPD gunship flashed down on Smith's car. He hid in the shadows of the alleyway as the gunship flew by. It hovered over the area where the Neekresh's body had been. Smith held his breath and watched as the light turned off and the low hum of the gunship's engines drifted off into the heart of the city. Smith was safe for now.
He looked at the Neekresh. It was a female and of the the Warrior Caste. And she was pissed that Smith had shattered her ankle.

There was a garbled buzzing as the voice buffer turned on. The Neekresh Warrior was going to speak...

Previously on Onward!:

Smith smiled and waited for the camouflaged runner to stop yelling. He ripped off the runner's mask and winced. Smith had been expecting a human being, not one of the Neekresh aliens, creatures that had the upper and lower bodies of humans but chicken-like heads complete with beaks.
"This could be very very bad," Smith said.


Blogger MyOwnNinjaWay said...

what will she say!?! i'm interested!

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