Friday, December 22, 2006

Something wicked...

Markus had walked into the Four Winds bar looking for Macon Dean. He glanced at the bar and saw the refuse that took up residence there. He heard the click-clack of the pool tables and sniffed the air. He knew where Macon was. He turned on his heel and walked to the back of the bar. Standing against the back wall and holding his cue stick, Macon Dean smiled as he played against the regulars at the Four Winds.
"Macon Dean?" said Markus. He clenched his fists.
Macon looked at the imposing man blocking the entrance to the game room and stopped smiling.
"How can I help you friend?" said Macon. He sipped a beer from a table nearby.
"We have need of your services, and you must come with me now," Markus said.
"I don't think I'll be going anywhere with you tonight, sweetheart," Macon said. He laughed. The people standing around him laughed as well.
"Fine, you want to be flagrant about not coming, you'll have to pay the price," Markus said.
He looked at the man closest to him and the man immediately burst into flames.
Macon sipped his beer again and mumbled something Markus could not hear. The fire was gone and the man was left unharmed.
Markus smiled and nodded.
"Give me five minutes and I'll see you outside," Macon said. He finished his beer and slammed the glass down on the table. "It's gonna be a long night tonight."


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