Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Charge...

Janine Mendoza and Emory Roberts did not believe what Director Daizen had told them. They both laughed it off as he finished speaking.
"That's perfectly okay, I didn't expect you to understand the kind of place we are truly running here, so I'll let the little slip in professionalism go, just this once. However, I was deadly serious about you both being MTF sleeper agents. I was told so by a trusted friend of over a hundred years. You won't believe me about him either. But why don't you both go down to level thirteen? Use your ID badge and not your card keys, trust me on this much," said Daizen. He handed both of his employees two manila folders with their names on them. Each file was heavy.
"Sir, that still doesn't explain our headaches," Janine said. She flipped through her file.
Daizen slapped the folder closed.
"Not in here Ms. Mendoza, classified information in there for your eyes only and there are cameras in here," Daizen said.
"Sleeper agents. That's a good one Director Daizen," Emory said. He got up and left the director's office...


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