Monday, January 22, 2007

Onward!: Pt. 7

"This is Eve Newstead here at the Drighton Spaceport on the south end of the City where rebels are holding their own against a large force of Operators. The Company has sent in anti-grav tanks, land-speeders and Exo-squads to try and bring the rebels to justice. On hand are also several well known Marshals like Marshal Amon, Marshal Ashtree, and Marshal Raihu. All are wearing their Judgment Suits, though we spoke to Marshal Ashtree, the eldest of these judges and he said, and I quote, "We are looking for ways in which to avoid our entrance into this debacle. If we have to move in though, the rest of the Marshals and myself are not above using force." So there you have it folks, straight from a Marshals mouth, this is Eve Newstead for the Newspeak Gazette, live on the streets," said the reporter.

Previously on Onward!...
Smith woke up to the lights of the infirmary bay. He had been placed on a gurney and strapped down. He looked to his right and saw the morphine drip. He tried to speak to the nurse who was taking his vitals but his speech came out slurred.
"Mr. Smith, you know very well you can't talk with morphine in your system. Please just relax, the procedure is almost over.
Smith's eyes widened as he looked to his left and saw two surgeons removing part of the body armor from his left rib area. Their headgear made them look like monsters with glowing eyes and odd protrusions from their skulls. Smith's vision blurred for a second then focused on the spinning saw blade in the larger surgeon's hand. He watched it approach his ribcage and could do nothing. On the bright side he could feel nothing either.
Darkness crept over him yet again. He heard voices one male and one female but could not make out what they were saying. He wasn't exactly sure if his eyes were opened or shut. He decided to go to sleep.
Smith woke once more in the infirmary. This time he was in a different room. Drake and Larissa Gwen were sitting at his bedside watching the vid-screens and taking in the sights of yet another riot near the spaceports. It had been day 27 of fighting near the ports and the Company was losing Operators rapidly. Smith heard Larissa sigh heavily...


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