Thursday, October 19, 2006

A fragment...

This is from my grand story. Just a peek though, there's a lot more of Sid and Graves later...

“What if I told you there was a way to reverse what happened here in Los Angeles? Would you try and fix what happened Sid? Would you be the one responsible?” said Graves.
Both men sat on a bench in front of the Metro Tower on the Patsaouras Transit Plaza in Union Station. Graves held a portable flash drive in his right hand. He held it up to Sid. Sid stopped watching people get on buses and turned his black shade covered eyes to the flash drive in the older man’s gnarled fingers.
“If I accept responsibility, what then? Will you be reprieved by the Council?” said Sid.
“Does it matter? Think of all the people that can be saved if you do this Sid. Think of all the great things that could come from your action. Think about Moray and what she would do,” said Graves. He pushed the drive closer to Sid.
“I don’t need her name thrown around Graves. I understand what is involved. I knew the risks as well as she did when we signed up for this position. What do I have to do?” said Sid. He looked Graves straight in the eyes.
“Everything you need to know is on this drive. Read it very, very carefully Sid. And remember the fate of millions rests in your hands,” said Graves. He stood up and walked from the bench.
A bus rounded the corner and looked as if it was going to slam into Graves as he stepped off the curb and onto the transit plaza’s path. He disappeared instead. A light blue haze blurring him out of existence before the bus sped past where he had been walking.
“Incredible,” said Sid. He looked down at his right hand and the small flash drive that carried the possibility of changing events in the course of time.
He pressed a small red button on his watch and a portal that only he could see opened a foot away from him. He looked up at the sky, dingy with smog and clouds rolling in from the west, and sighed. He stepped over the threshold of the portal and was transported to the command center of the Peacekeepers, known as Control.


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