Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ah, a true pulp horror story, or so I thought...

Yeah, this one doesn't quite qualify, but it was a first attempt at a horror magazine entry...

The Chase
Cole James chased the man in the black trench coat for five straight blocks. He watched him turn into a building that had a great neon sign on the front that said Open All Nite. The man in the black trench coat turned to look behind him once he had made it to the front door of the building. He smiled and entered through the revolving glass door.
Cole shoved people left and right to try and keep up with the man in the black trench coat. As he ducked into the building Cole was able to glimpse the man smiling at him before he moved inside the revolving glass door. Cole ran as hard and fast as he could but was only able to watch as the man reached the elevator doors. The elevator doors dinged as one of them hit the ground floor. The man went inside and Cole arrived to watch it leave. The elevator stopped on the sixth floor. He looked around and saw the stairwell door and kicked it open. One of the bellhops yelled at him to not kick the door open.
Cole took the stairs two at a time and pushed the door marked with a large black six outward. He looked around the hallway and heard the man in the trench coat talking to someone. Cole moved against the wall opposite the door of the stairwell and listened. He crept forward slowly so that he could just make out the man in the black trench coat talking on a phone attached to the wall.
“Yeah, he followed me, and no I don’t know if he made it up here yet. Sure boss, I’ll try and make sure he doesn’t get farther than here,” the man said.
Cole made his move and lunged for the man at the phone. The man dropped the phone and somersaulted backward in front of a door. Cole looked up at him and watched the man open a door that appeared out of nowhere. He waved at Cole with that same smile he had when he entered the building and closed the door behind him. Cole moved to the door. He placed his hand on the doorknob and turned. It didn’t budge. He put both hands on the knob and it still didn’t budge. Finally, he tried to kick the door down, but the door didn’t even crack.
Cole put his hands on his hips and sighed. A great grating sound was heard, like the sound of moving gears that had not been lubed in years. Cole felt the carpet beneath his feet begin to vibrate then the trapdoor opened and he disappeared from the hallway.
He had been sliding in a circle down a long chute filled with warm water. The entire chute was dark and no light could be seen anywhere. After several minutes Cole had been dropped into a small pool of cool water. There was a mirror on a wall directly in front of him. He looked around and saw that the entire room was made of white tiles. There was steam coming from the vents placed at ankle height but there was no one in the room but him. He looked at the puddle of liquid he had slid into and noticed how it had turned oddly warm and was the same color as his hands. He stood up and realized he was completely naked. He stepped out of the pool and the tube that had fed him into the tiled room opened again, this time discharging another man. He too was completely naked.
Cole stepped away from him and tried to cover himself. The man looked up at Cole and screamed.
“Get away from me you monster, get away,” the man said.
“What are you talking about, you’re the monster,” Cole said. He backed away to the far end of the room. Cole looked at the mirror and saw for the first time what the man was yelling at.
The reflection of the mirror showed Cole that the skin had been stripped from his face. The muscles and sinews lay exposed and dripping. Cole pointed at the mirror and the man slowly turned and looked at his own reflection. He began to sob.
“Who did this to us?” Cole said.
“It was Crane, Jeremiah Crane,” said the man.
“Who is that?” Cole said. He waited patiently for the man to answer him.
“He’s a twisted doctor, he’s done these experiments…you know, the kind that get the military involved to take guys like him out for good,” said the man.
“But why? What did we ever do to him?”
There was a loud crackling coming from speakers set inside the walls of the room.
“You tried to steal from me Mr. James. That’s all you did. So as penance you’ve given your flesh to help another,” the voice from the walls said.
“What did you do to our faces?” said the man.
“I extracted them. It’s a brand new process that involves a special warm liquid I’ve produced that only detaches specific skin zones. It leaves the rest of your body intact,” the voice said.
“That liquid that goes up the tube? That was our skin?” Cole shouted.
“Precisely Mr. James. How very astute of you to notice. But sadly, you’ll both have to follow the others into the pit,” said the voice.
“Wait a minute, you’re just going to throw us in a pit with dead bodies?” said the man.
“Oh no, they’re not dead, just, hmm, how shall I say it? Ah, that’s the word, ravenous,” the voice said. The speakers squawked and then shut off.
The floor beneath the man collapsed and hands reached up to grab hold of his ankles. He screamed and yelled. Then he was quiet. The floor beneath Cole’s feet did the same except he leaped out of the way and began to climb up the way he came in.
Once more the speakers came on and the voice spoke.
“Come now Mr. James, that’s cheating, you have to face your fate the proper way.”
“Go to hell Crane, I’m not going to be eaten alive,” Cole said.
“Very well, have it your way,” the voice said.
Cole reached the top of the tube after much hard work of slowly inching his way up the tube on his knees and elbows. He pulled the trap door down and climbed out of the tube. Several people were standing by the elevator when they saw Cole coming out of the floor. Two women screamed as a man ran down the hall. Cole put his hands up trying to calm them down.
“Please, help me, there was a man who stole my face,” Cole said. He tried pleading with the women but they simply ran off screaming away from the naked and faceless man.
He headed into an open elevator and slammed the down button. The doors opened on the lobby and several police officers were standing around taking down information from a woman. Cole moved toward them slowly, crying. His hands were held out as if he were crucified.
“Thank God, please help me, someone stole my face, I know who did this to me, please help me,” Cole said.
“Freeze sir,” yelled one of the police officers.
Cole continued walking towards them. The woman fainted and the other officers drew their weapons.
“I know who did this to me,” Cole said.


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