Thursday, October 19, 2006

Based on a nightmare and my old blue Chevy Cavalier...

This one is from a horrible nightmare I had and my Chevy dubbed: The God Mobile, because of the God Rules sticker the previous owner slapped on the rear window. I never took it off and I don't know why; bless you old Chevy car for lasting more than 300,000+ miles...

First Day of School
The campus had been completely renovated. The new dorms could house six hundred students per dorm, there were three spread out on the campus. As he arrived along with all the other freshmen, Aaron stood beside his beat up 1984 Chevy Cavalier with the God Rules sticker on the back window. He had been through so many things in his car that he left it on as a badge of honor instead of the joke it was meant to be. He strapped his backpack to his shoulders and started to close the door when he remembered that he would need the map to figure out where all the buildings were now located.
He climbed the small series of steps that lead to the campus from the parking lot and walked up a hill enclosed on either side by lush green grass.
“Brand spankin’ new grass for a new campus,” Aaron said. He smiled and clutched the backpack’s strap that crossed his chest. He smiled at some girls as they passed by.
He walked for ten minutes slowly, taking in the new look of the campus and saw the enormous football and baseball practice field that lay before his eyes. There had been bleachers put up to welcome the parents. Above the bleachers enormous canopies had been placed so as to provide shade to everyone sitting in the stands. Aaron turned to look behind him to watch the long procession of incoming freshmen to the campus.
Then there were screams and a loud boom. Aaron turned and looked around but didn’t see anyone in particular who had screamed. In fact he didn’t see the bleachers or the canopy at all. A crowd had gathered by the field and looked on as they saw an enormous mound of dirt covering the bleachers and canopy. One of the football players ran to the field railing and yelled to Aaron. He in turn ran towards the railing and looked down. Arms and legs pushed out of the mound and flailed. But no one had dug themselves out.
“They’re all buried in the dirt man, just happened like that,” said the football player. He had snapped his fingers.
“Okay, okay, look, do you have a cell phone?” Aaron said.
“Yeah, why?”
“Call 911, tell them where exactly we are, what field this is and tell them to bring shovels,” Aaron said.
“Okay, yeah, I’ll do that,” the football player said. He pulled out his phone and dialed the three numbers and stuck the phone to his ear.
“The phone’s dead,” he yelled to Aaron.
Aaron had jumped the railing and was trying to dig out the first flailing arm the he could see.
“My phone’s dead.”
“Mine too,” said a girl standing beside the football player.
“And mine” said another girl in a wheelchair. She shook her phone around as if that would jump start the dead batteries.
The crowd that had gathered all mumbled the same things. Their phones had all died. Not one of them worked. The football player looked down at Aaron and shrugged, his eyebrows knotted together in defeat and sadness.
Aaron pulled the person out of the mound and looked at his watch. The arms had stopped at 2:23pm. He looked around but the sky was clear and then he saw a flash of orange light arc towards the parking lot. He tried to find the source but it had moved too quickly. Then he saw a tree at the far end of the field and saw it flash with the orange light. Ten feet from where Aaron stood the wall of the field had been blown to pieces.
“There’s something in the trees, everybody run,” yelled the man who had been saved. He still choked but ran as fast as he could away from the mound of dirt.
Aaron turned to try and grab him but it was no use. He slid to the bottom of the mound face first and looked up in time to see the man get hit by that orange flash of light that made no sound. There was a split second in between when the man was hit and when he turned to dust. Aaron stood still and waited. The lights continued to hurl themselves around the campus and eventually one landed in the parking lot. Aaron knew this because he saw the cars explode.
Please don’t let my car be one of the ones gone, he had thought to himself. He stood up slowly and looked straight at the line of trees that the light had come from. He started to run and saw a huge ball of orange light flying toward him. He slid and just barely missed being hit. He faced the trees and moved in bear claw fashion towards the practice field’s chain link fence. He stood up quickly and hurled himself over the four-foot high fence, landing in some bushes. The lights continued to be hurled at various places. The physics building that had been directly behind the bleachers was a smoldering ruin; one of the dorms had a hole in it the size of a semi truck.
Aaron stayed in the bushes and caught his breath. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. He counted to five and started running as fast as he could towards his car. He looked behind him ever two seconds and just missed being hit yet again. There had been a girl, who had run into him and bounced off his shoulder, but when he saw the light he dropped and she was disintegrated instead of him.
With his heart pumping in his head, Aaron made it to his car and opened the door. He put the key into the ignition frantically and watched the windshield as the source of the light could now be seen. The trees had started to crush the fence that kept them out of the practice field. One tree whipped itself backward and its roots, deep and long inside the earth were pulled out from beneath the school. Two cars parked over from Aaron’s right side had been thrown ten feet in the air when the tree had pulled its roots from the ground. They came down and smashed on top of other cars parked beside Aaron’s car.
He put the car in reverse and added gas. The car swung out and to the left. He had enough time to watch as the tree branch shot out some more of the orange light. Aaron looked at a car that had been hit by the light and saw that it was not light after all; it had been the sap of the trees being flung at everything. He weaved in and out of lanes in the parking lot that were full of cars that were either smashed or on fire. The entire parking lot was bathed in thick black smoke. He had made it to the school’s entrance and sped up as he saw two more trees advancing towards his car off to his left. He floored the gas and watched in the rearview mirror as the trees smashed into each other and set fire to each other’s branches.
Aaron turned on the radio and kept his speed at 90, he realized that no one would be on the roads right now and he had been right. There was someone on the radio yelling about the trees in the are going berserk and killing everything in sight with branches and shooting their sap at anything that moved. There was a crashing of glass and a horrible high-pitched scream from the dj and then the radio went to static. As Aaron looked down at the radio tuner he missed seeing the tree that had been running along side his car on the opposite end of the highway. He turned in time to see the orange hued sap hurtling towards him.


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