Thursday, October 19, 2006

The End for Rumael and Bethor...

This is how I've envisioned these two Angels ending their days as Johnny Cash would say, "...When the Man comes around..."

Change of Plans
Rumael landed on the roof of the old church without a sound. He sat down cross-legged and opened the leather bound tome attached to his wrist by a golden chain. He reached inside the chest pocket of his white coat and produced a golden ballpoint pen. Unclasping the leather bound book Rumael opened it at the page with the black and gold marker ribbons. Looking up Rumael saw the heavy steel gray clouds forming in a storm pattern.
He looked down at the blank page and began to write. Something heavy thudded on the roof. Rumael did not look back he merely kept writing. A voice blurted out from behind him.
“I though I’d find you here,” the voice said. The heavy boots thumped louder as the voice approached Rumael.
“I’m working Bethor. What do you want?” Rumael said. His hands were a blur on the pages.
“There’s been a change in plans dear friend,” Bethor said. He moved to his haunches.
Rumael stopped writing and sighed. He turned to look at his friend and smiled. His gray eyes stared at Bethor.
“So its true then. I’m being replaced?” said Rumael. He closed the book.
“Yes, your time, our time, is over now. There is to be a new Watcher. And I must go to the abyss. I thought I would tell you myself, even though you probably already knew,” Bethor said.
“I was not allowed this information dear brother,” said Rumael. He clasped the book and stood up. The gold chains gently making a beautiful chiming sound.
“It has been quite an adventure hasn’t it? The first man, clumsily walking upright for the first time, and then the Egyptians and Mayans with their advanced forms of civilization. I miss those days Rumael, when we were all still brothers,” said Bethor.
“I too miss those days. But Lucifer changed all that. He changed the world, as we knew it. It was such a promising world before the Fall. But look at the state of things now. Wars over religion, wars over oil, wars over land. All man knows how to do now is make war. No peace ever for this place,” Rumael said.
“Maybe that is why you are called back and I am to go to my rightful place,” said Bethor.
“I will try and make sure you come with me.”
“Why? I made my decision in the war with Heaven,” Bethor said.
“You did not make a decision then Bethor, which was why you were allowed to accompany me,” Rumael said. He walked off the church’s roof and continued walking on air.
Bethor followed him and also walked off the roof. There was a shaft of light that penetrated through the heavy cloud coverage. Rumael walked toward it holding the book in his right hand. Bethor walked slightly behind Rumael, afraid to move beside his friend.
“Come Bethor. You’re coming with me. Or else I shall remain here,” Rumael said. The shaft of light opened wider and then disappeared.
Both men stood weightless for several seconds then slowly descended to the street below. It was empty and rain began to pour down.
“I think the Boss made his choice on you Rumael,” Bethor said. He looked up at the rain filled sky.
“Then so be it. I shall remain here with Bethor till you need us again,” said Rumael. He looked up at the sky and smiled.
“So, wanna get a beer and hot dog now?” said Bethor. He scratched his head.
“Sounds like a good plan,” said Rumael.


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