Sunday, May 06, 2007


Free comic book day was awesome. We got there early and there was still a line to get in. But, having taken company, my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and one of his best friends, it wasn't that bad waiting in line. I got a really cool Heroclix BATMAN i'll put up on my desk when I actually get my own classroom, and I've got some pretty interesting books to read for quite some time. I was able to pick up The Umbrella Academy by Mr. Gerard Way of MCR fame, as well as Robert Kirkman's Werewolf book (interesting), Owly(For my wife, she likes comics with cute creatures in them), as well as Justice League 0, the Legion of Superheroes based on the cartoon, and White Out by Greg Rucka, to name a few. In the comics shop was Tone Rodriguez, of Violent Messiahs and The Snake Plissken Chronicles. He was cool and talked with anyone who wanted to talk, as well as sketched pretty much anything anyone wanted. There was another artist who was promoting her book, I think it was called Magic 3, or something of the sort, but it turns out she is a professor at Otis, College of Design. I'll have to look her up and see what her name actually is, just been busy with doing research on the Ultramarines and which Battle Company I Couldn't use, after realizing that Mr. Graham Mcneill has the 4th Company belonging to Captain Uriel Ventris. I should have realized this sooner, but I had only begun the Ultramarines Omnibus on the plane to Maui on my honeymoon, my mind was on the flight and staying in the air, not on what company I was reading about.
Anywho, that pretty much sums up yesterday's highlights, today I'll see Spiderman 3 and will hopefully not be disappointed.
I'm also feeling a little scared by the prospect of sounding like a complete dolt in front of 21 high school freshmen on monday morning for the first time ever. It is not like presenting a project to these students, the point is to hit upon the California State Standards and make sure they at least attempt to learn. We'll see what happens with me and them and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
I wish I knew where Mr. Marc Rasic was so I could tell him that almost 13 years Later I'd be teaching high schoolers what he taught me in 8th grade.
God bless you Mr. Rasic, where ever you are.


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