Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why my brothers and I Love Odin and the gods

Going on a tangent here, but that's the point right?
I've come to notice and believe that my bros and I have an affinity for Odin because we were raised by our father. Not to diss any religions or beliefs my brothers may have, but I've come to notice we accept that Odin is a god to worship. Sure, the goddesses are great and they are the ones that create and nurture the earth, but for guys, especially young males, the All-father seems pretty cool, as does Zeus, hell, even God has time of being a bloody-handed God. Plus, the father had more power than the mother did, as was the case in our upbringing. My dad did all the hard work and made himself out to be a superman by working, coaching and driving us to all our games when we were kids. And he still had time to joke around with us and play.
Not many dads that I know of were actually part of their kids' lives.
So I'm fortunate, and maybe my children will learn and love all the stories of all the gods and goddesses of the world,
as for me,
I'm just a pilgrim that believes in the old gods.


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