Friday, August 19, 2005

Multiple Earths II

Okay, sorry, had a night of some really well deserved fun. Anywho, back to Simak's Ring...
So the purpose of the book is to show how humanity is being dispersed over empty earths in order to have a new beginning. The kicker is that they can only take the clothes on their back and nothing more. Some people do, big businesses begin to decline because of the gadgets that run forever. Now, this whole concept was also dealt with in a very cool comic called Wildcats. Version 3.0, which, if any one was reading it, a very highly politically/socially charged read that had this concept of batteries and cars and other everyday appliances that last forever. The tag for the book was Creating a Better World. The concept was a little too high for most folks and the series was sadly cancelled. Too bad, it did deal quite a bit with what Simak covered.
What King borrowed was the multiple earth theory and the doorways that lead to them. Through out the novesl he always says: There are other worlds than these, and, The world has moved on. In Ring Around the Sun, there is the sense that permeates through the novel that our world has indeed moved on, people are leaving this earth for another. King deals with the exodus of the present world of Roland's by having parts of the world interconnect with various places in the America we know and live in with the America King has created, the so called secret highways and biways.
Next: The Arthurian Myth and Legend filtered in the Dark Tower...


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