Monday, August 29, 2005

Brain Fart

So this past weekend I read a couple articles on the new Matrix game, Path of Neo. This game is much different than both the Matrix Online, and Enter the Matrix. This game allows for you, the player, to finally control Neo, learn his abilities, and fly like Neo did. The game covers all three films, and parts of the Animatrix. It also sports a very very different ending than did the films. You can choose the ways Neo did not, like escaping from the Agents at the beginning of the First Matrix film.
Anyway, While talking to my brother, who hasn't read or really been into comics for anything other than Mark Millar's Wanted and Kurt Busiek's Conan and Astro City, he wasn't really aware of all the things that have happened to both DC and Marvel and how they are both trying to streamline their continuity and books. He was really surprised with the vast amount of GOOD books that have come out and the artwork that goes with them. Like myself, he took the news that Jim Lee is going to jump back to Wildcats with childish glee.
I had to explain to him though, how Wildstorm was now a part of DC Comics and that Jim Lee had been doing work for them now for quite some time. He didn't say anything at first, then I showed him the Superman: For Tomorrow Series that Mr. Lee drew. He was surprised.
During my three day vacation(oh yeah, it was a blast!) I really didn't do much but catch up on sleep and continued putting together materials for my Dark Horse Comics New Recruits Submission. I don't think I'll be posting anything online for what I'll be doing other than saying it's scifi-fantasy, and an Epic. This thing's been brewing in my brain for over ten years and I've been wittling it down to something that can be digested in installments.
Anyway, I'll post more about the Tower and the Matrix later on.


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