Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Story Bite 1

May 12, 2005:
Both the FBI and CIA are linked to a covert military project called Project Sheol, or as it was commonly referred to: "Project Grave Pit." It is shut down by the Bush Administration, officially it continued undetected by civilians as part of the Outer Reach Initiative.

  • The Outer Reach Initiative (ORI) was created during the Kennedy Administration and was funded once the doorways to parallel worlds were discovered.
  • Grave Pit began as the first stage of the government's Genome Soldier Program and was abandoned after testing confirmed that none of the candidates to date were viable as specimens.
  • In 2007, only several months into his presidency, 44th President David Carpenter pushes for the Enhanced Soldier Program (ESP) and has Congress pass the initiative. He then redubbs Project: Grave Pit to Project: Gatekeeper, which was designed to create wormholes from Earth to Mars. Gatekeeper also gave way to the most Covert Operation known to date: The Phoenix Program.

The Phoenix Program emblem

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